Both girls found safe and well

With Vim still sitting up in the box, I started driving down to where I last saw Rubi and half way there I spotted her (or Mell, I’m not going to try and tell them apart) on a fence post.

Rubi (?) on fence post
Rubi (?) on fence

As I watched, she took off and flew around the woods and into a tall pine.  I left the car and found her in the pines, but my photos are  poor.  Then she took off again and flew back to the main wood.

pf-juv-f-in-flight-1024x1024Not much of a photo either, but evidence of good flight.

So I walked through the wood and found a female juvenile half-way up a eucalypt on a branch.  I suspected Mell as I thought Rubi had flown further towards the box.


So I got myself into a spot where I could see both Mell and Vim and waited.  About half an hour later, I heard a third juvenile calling and finally found Rubi again, even higher in a tree.

Female no. 2 found at last
Female no. 2 found at last

pf-juv-f-no-2-on-branch-1024x1024So at one time I could see four peregrines in one sweeping glance.  Only one missing was Xavier, presumably chasing those pesky galahs.   Hopefully I’ll see a feed another time.


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  1. Thanks for the update, Cilla. Great to know the youngsters are all fine. What a wonderful thing to be able to see on a walk! Imagine that – four peregrines within view at one time. I’m very envious (although a couple of dozen scarlet honeyeaters in the callistemon outside my loungeroom window were pretty special too). Thanks heaps for saving us from endless speculation! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the update. I’m so glad to know that all three are well.
    And beautiful pictures!! I wish I could be there…
    1:17 Vim is eating in the nest box.

  3. I don’t know where you all live, but there’s nothing to stop you (apart from distance) making a visit to lovely Orange. We have plenty of spare beds and love having visitors. Just don’t forget to pack a hard hat in case Diamond gets bolshy!

    It’s raining very gently in Orange – must be a surprise for the two girls who are out in the weather. ‘What’s this wet stuff, Mum?” Vim still cosy in the box, and still being fed.

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