Comparisons of our young males

Juvenile (1 year old) who presented as possible suitor for Diamond (rejected)

1 year juvenile (definitely not Vim)
1 year juvenile (definitely not Vim)


Vim prior to his fledge

Definitely Vim (the day before he left)
Definitely Vim (the day before he left)

Bird in the box now (Vim, in my opinion)

Vim in the box today
Vim in the box today

Going by chest pattern, colour (quite markedly darker/more orange), size and behaviour (his and parents’), I’m sure (as one can be) that this is Vim.   He’s been in there all day and most of yesterday and seems a bit tired and has been lying down much of today.  He was choking a bit this morning, but seems to have overcome that.

It’s very warm today, so his laziness is perhaps understandable.   Cool change is on the way.   He’s had two prey parts (one galah, one unsure) since arrival, but nothing since 8 this morning, perhaps a deliberate ploy to get him out again.  It always takes them a while to ‘get going’, but it’s unusual to have a youngster in the box so soon after fledging, and for this long.

Now for the girls.   I had a walk during the late morning and heard a chick calling briefly high in the trees, but couldn’t find her for love or money.   Mum was, as usual, very protective of the area.  No sign of female #2.

Couldn’t find any prey remains, but most of the park has 1.5 m grass to wade and peer through, which makes it a challenge.     I’m going out again shortly, now that it’s cooling off a bit and hope to see more action.   If I don’t find them tomorrow, I might rally the troops for a more thorough search later in the week or early next.



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  1. The only reason I didnt think it was Vim in the box is when I caught the full screen shot and his falcon bib was more pronounced than I’ve ever noticed on a juvie.

    I’m not shocked he flew back up so quickly, I’ve seen that before. He was actually some days slow to fledge and very ready. Remember it was very windy when we expected him to go.

    It seems very odd he is choosing to live in the box. I see juvies re-visit their box but not stay in it.

    Cilla, have your people in that area seen predators – such as owl or hawk or whatever you have in Oz? If one got Rubi or Mell, it may cause Vim to seek safety. Just a guess! Dont anyone panic! Real life out there and in birddom, half of juvies never complete year one.

  2. Relax, I found both girls tonight, live and healthy and flying well. Just about to put up piccies.

    And yes we do have predators – huge wedgetail eagles (who prefer rabbits and small kangaroos), barn owls and small boobook owls and tawny frogmouths.

  3. Re predators -don’t forget the introduced nuisances as well – cats and foxes. I imagine a big feral cat wouldn’t be averse to having a go…

    On the topic of back-in-the-box Vim – this is like having a second chance to watch him fledge, ha ha!! This morning he’s been doing all that flapping practice, holding his wings in “glide” etc – and he’s taking great interest in the goings-on outside. There have been a couple of quick fly-pasts that turned his head…

  4. Thank you for the comparisons. Vim looked too mature on the first day in the nest. So I thought it might to be the 1 year-old juvenile. But it’s Vim!

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