Vim, king of the box

Well, he’s still there and being fed (galah, probable starling).  I thought he was going to head off again this afternoon; lots of dancing on the ledge, but not yet.  He really should be out with his sisters chasing and building hunting skills and I’m wondering if his first efforts have strained his muscles a bit, so need rest.   Not that the sisters are doing that much, but they are at least flying from tree to tree.

Here he is chasing off not only Diamond, who pecked at the galah remains, but Xavier who came for a very quick visit and showed us his acrobatic skills.


Vim showing his 'gratitude' for afternoon tea
Vim showing his ‘gratitude’ for afternoon tea



And a flying visit from Xavier
And a flying visit from Xavier

20161123-vim-and-xavier-2 20161123-vim-and-xavier-3 20161123-vim-and-xavier

I haven’t looked for the ladies today yet, but there was much very unladylike screeching coming from the park as I came to work.  I’ll go out shortly, and will try and avoid possible thunderstorm.  Certainly cooler now.

I have a field trip tomorrow (Thursday) morning and planting trees Friday morning, but will check on the youngsters in late afternoon.


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  1. If it was smoke, I’d be outer here!

    No, it’s rain, not that heavy, but in billowing clouds, but at least the wind has dropped a bit. So unlikely that I’ll see much this afternoon.

  2. Aw, poor little Vim. He really did a huge flight – makes sense that his muscles might be sore – like that very first gym session where you always overdo it and can’t move for two days afterwards… He seemed much livelier today. I wonder whether he’s learned a lesson about moderation now? *grin* This breeding season has been full of shocks and surprises!

  3. Xavier visits and suggests Vim GIT OUT!
    I know Oz has boxing kangaroos, but boxing falcons? really!
    Who knows why Vim still lives in the box – or why Mum is bringing him food there. One of these days she will either quit bringing him food, or she will go in and physically push him out.


  4. Looks like Vim is telling his woes to Diamond. 8.47pm. Nice that Mum has come to keep him company if he’s not feeling the best 🙂

  5. I found both girls on my walk tonight, and they were in the same tree….in fact Mell had hardly moved.

    I had a late meeting, so haven’t done the photos, but it was nice being able to get them both in the same shot, although the light wasn’t the best due to the drizzle.

    I don’t think they have much to fear from predators now they are off the ground (where there certainly are both cats and foxes). None of our local owls or frogmouths are likely candidates, being quite small and taking mostly mice, moths etc. We don’t have the large owls this close to town.

    Flying accidents when learning to hunt are on the cards, however, so fingers crossed. And when they are on their own, they often resort to road kill, where they are once again vulnerable.

  6. You are right. He left at 4.38 Aussie time, and about time, too. He was turning into a real Mummy’s boy and was even fed by her this morning. He seemed to fly well. I’ll put up a video in a minute.

    Xavier arrived not much later and left about half an hour ago. And came back just after and is still there.

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