2016’s fledging videos, in HD and with sound

Our three little ‘uns have now all fledged successfully and they chose the best sunny and warm weather to take flight. A set of fledging videos and a few others are included here from the internal surveillance server from this morning (all times AEST), HD with sound:

Rubi’s balancing act pays off, even without the intention, by the looks of it, 16th Nov at about 11.08am

Vim’s somewhat more streamlined fledging, 17th Nov at about 6.14am

Mell’s overdue fledge with some pitch and yaw issues, 18th Nov at about 2.10pm

Male Xavier and female chick Mell spending some nagging time together, 18th Nov at about 4.57am

Early but sunny morning preening for the three toddlers, 16th Nov

The three young chicks together one sunny morning, for a last time together before Rubi took flight, 16th Nov

Boredom takes over for the three peregrine falcon chicks early one morning, 16th Nov

One fledgling and Diamond were spotted amongst the trees today, chick very quiet and mother very raucous and protective towards the careful human intrusion into the area, but all’s well.

peregrine falcon Mell on ledge
Lonely chick Mell on the ledge before fledging


peregrine falcon chick Mell flexing wings
Mell flexing wings in the warm morning light

7 thoughts

  1. Many thanks Scott – nice to have all the fledging videos in the one spot. I hope Vim has come down from the top of the tower 🙂

  2. I got the cam today.
    Diamond was perched there all nite.
    I SO WISH I could get sound –
    I imagine I could hear the juvies from below

  3. This morning I saw one of the parents fly off in the exact same flight pattern Mell took.
    I was glad to see that. Hope soon all 3 kids will collect in one spot.

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