False warnings from various anti-virus tools

It’s been brought to our attention today that some anti-virus suites were reporting falconcamproject.org as a warning. Specifically, after further research, it appears that the warnings related to possible malicious links to other websites that we included on the home page, but not one from our own. We’ve run full checks, onsite and offsite, internal and external, and can confirm that this website is entirely clean and free of any nasties, but we’ve gone through the list of outbound links and deleted 4-5 possibilities as being old or bad links. For now, we’ve removed this list of links until we can confirm that these listed links are indeed safe. It may take hours or days for the likes of McAfee and Norton to clear us of any “malice by association” but we’re clear anyway. Safe to proceed. Apologies to all those affected by the warnings. Since this morning we’ve confirmed with Norton and Sucuri that we’re entirely clear, and we’ve just confirmed with McAfee SiteAdvisor that falconcamproject.org is indeed clear and safe.

Some viewers are still getting the occasional “403 access denied” type error which we’re looking into. We block countries known for their malpractice and hacking histories but this shouldn’t affect any connections from “friendly” nations.

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  1. As usual I’m accessing CSU on my “working” laptop, where I do all surfing, emailing, video editing, everything!… but my recording laptop, where the 2 cams are displayed, says “SERVICE DISRUPTION” and “This is a planned outage while essential maintenance is being done…”. I shall clear cache and cookies, in hope.

    I wonder if I got Mell’s fledge before it went down? Oh the tension 😉

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