Half way to hatch

I apologise for lack of update last week.  I’m up to my ears with tree-planting – just finished the last one this morning, nearly 700 plants in the ground on a project site on the university grounds where we removed the invasive willows last year and are now attempting restoration with native plants. Lots of work!  Now we need some rain.  I was thinking of the peregrines as I was planting (well, directing!) as there were a flock of galahs wheeling over head and I was wondering where Diamond was!

Incubation is going to plan.   Xavier is doing a lot of the incubation.  He is quite unlike previous males that we have had as he actually nags Diamond to let him sit and often doesn’t want to leve them!

Here is Xavier being nagged by Diamond to get up and go and earn a crust, but he really doesn’t want to go!


I don’t think she minds really, as it gives her the chance to get something more tasty and nutritious than starling!   To be fair, he has brought in other prey – here he has brought in a pigeon (I think).  She is clearly very pleased with this and actually mantles it (covers it with her wings) which she doesn’t normally do.


In the next video, Xavier seems to be bringing in some prey, then changes his mind :

And finally, here is Xavier, after a long two-hour stint on the eggs, looking anxiously for Diamond’s return.  One video is from the nest cam and one from the video cam;






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  1. Thanks for update ! My bet is October 5th for first hatch.

    Xavier is a very good dad, enjoying so much brooding but a bit anxious if Diamond takes too much time outside…

    (One of your video is doubled : “Flyby X”)

  2. This is a test to see whether you can put up video links yourself, which I think you should be able to. I normally come in using my admin rights, but this time I logged in and came in as a normal user.

    If it works, this is a video of last year’s chicks:https://youtu.be/YprAG_YcNU4

  3. I’m really sorry, Holly, I’ve copied your photos and was going to load them in a new thread, but I cannot access the ‘admin’ portal to the website from my work computer for some reason. I’ve asked Scott to check. I might try from home tonight and see if I can get in from my laptop. They are lovely photos, by the way!

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