Eggs two and three arrive

Egg number two arrived at 0408 h early on Saturday morning 31st August.   Here is a link to the video:

And egg number three arrived this afternoon at 1435 h.   She now has three eggs, two dark red and one lighter coloured.   It remains to be seen whether she will have a fourth (which would be a first, if you see what I mean!).

Here is a link to the third egg laying:

And in between, Diamond has been quite happy to let Xavier guard and/or incubate eggs while she goes off hunting, knowing perhaps that when the serious business of incubation starts (as it should now with three eggs) and chick feeding, she won’t have that luxury as often as now.

We’ve noticed that the appearance of the eggs hasn’t dampened Xavier’s ardor – below is a video of mating in the box, which is rarely observed.   Perhaps he doesn’t actually realise that mating now is not going to have the desired effect ie more eggs…..or perhaps they are just enjoying the joys of spring!

Preys have been mostly starlings this week, although a crimson rosella copped it this afternoon, for which I’m sure Diamond was very grateful, being one of her apparent preferred foods.

One crimson rosella provided for Diamond

We’ve never had a fourth egg at this nest site, but I am aware that four egg is often the norm in other areas.   We shall see.   Assuming all eggs hatch (which they didn’t last year) three chicks are easier raise than four, especially in these artificial nest-boxes.   But what will be will be!


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  1. Thanks, Cilla ! 3 eggs are ok for both Diamond and Xavier, hoping we don’t have an “Eggbert” as last year.

    (By the way, egg number 3 arrived at 14:35 and not 15:35)

  2. Thanks Cilla for your update, vids and photo!
    I managed to missed all of the 3 egg-lays, but i make it up with the little chicks to come out about a week of 4 from now.
    I hope it will stay by 3 eggs, but that’s my opinion, maybe Di and X thinks differently:)

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