Xavier does egg duty

Our male peregrine, Xavier, has become a really good father.  Sometime I think he prefers baby-sitting to hunting!  He often comes to the nest to offer to take over for a while so that Diamond can go for a hunt (she will NOT catch starlings, you can bet your life on that!).   She is happy to let him take over, even just hours after laying a new egg and he stays put for the duration, unlike some other males who really don’t make much of an effort to sit still!

Expect a second egg tonight.   Diamond’s bottom is large and fluffy… And have a lovely weekend.    I have a big weekend planned, planting out a flood plain paddock along a creek on the university land, with hopefully about 30 volunteers.  Fingers crossed.  Will look in our happy couple when I can, but second egg video might have to wait now until Monday as I don’t have access to this site on my laptop.

In this video, Diamond is returning to relieve Xavier who has been egg-sitting.

2 thoughts

  1. Xavier is so cute when he is brooding. We can see Diamond has confidence in him.
    Good luck for the planting !

  2. Happy Fathers Day to Xavier 🙂

    We were treated to the sight of 3 kangaroos in the bbq area and the adjacent grass area this morning. What a beautiful spring morning!

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