Juveniles late afternoon

Some pictures from a trip around the campus yesterday afternoon:  Mostly Budhin (and Budhin’s rear end).  Where the two birds are in the tree together, Gaama is on top and Gaama is also in the bottom three pictures on branches.  You can see the water tower behind the trees to get an idea of the distance.   These trees are called yellow box, Eucalyptus melliodora and are probably 300 plus years and now dying.  They need replacement, but it may not be easy in this location.

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  1. Nice pics of the juvies in the sunset light. And interesting informations about this “yellow box”, a so old eucalyptus melliodora (very good one for honey) that can be seen only in your Australian area.

  2. Yellow box is quite widespread, but is an indicator of fairly good soil, so there is very little left of its original intact vegetation community ie it is almost all been cleared for grazing or crops.

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