Crispy snack time

Some of the peregrine juveniles, plus Dad have been helping themselves to the current explosion of cicadas on campus.   Easy pickings.   Here is Dad with his catch:

Both juveniles have been visiting the box over the weekend, mostly whilst in hot pursuit of a parent.  It is not known yet whether either has caught their own prey yet, although at least cicadas are a start.   But I would expect them to be hunting very soon.  Here the young male, Budhin is chasing Diamond.


Budhin chases Diamond into the box


On Saturday, we had the delightful sight of an Australian mapgie, flying down in a stoop, probably from the top of the water tower.   Perhaps he had been watching our peregrines!

Mapgie imitating peregrine stoop

And here is the original – Xavier, we think


Xavier is always  keen to start preparations for next year.  Little does he know that I will ruin all his good work when I clean the box in the New Year!  the

Forecast is for fine all week – good think as we are all making hay this week.   I’ll be going down later this afternoon to see if I can catch the youngsters in their roost tree home.





2 thoughts

  1. These were very interesting days to watch. Stoop, juvies, cicadas… New thinkgs for me to discover. Thanks for this update, Cilla.

  2. The cicadas are evidently delicious! The snack food of the peregrine world… it’s a bit diosconcerting, though, to see them being eaten alive.

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