To and fro and mysterious light

The youngsters have been flying backwards and forwards between the tower and roost trees and doing every widening circles over the campus and beyond.  I expect they will start making their own kills soon and start to become more independent.

Meanwhile they have been using the box a fair bit, even spending the night in the box.  Otherwise they can usually be found in the dead near in the paddock to the south of the campus.  The light was very poor when I took the photos as rain was approaching ( and we even got some, about 8 mm last night, better than nothing).

Diamond, very unhappy with my presence.T
Gamma on roost and in fligtht

Diamond visiting juvenile (Budhin, I think)
Xavier, on guard

We have also been seeing a mysterious light coming on in the trees, usually about 930 pm, 1 am and 4 am, but also at other times.  it seems to be on or near the entrance road behind the Girinyalanha Park, but it just comes on and goes off after half a minute.  No car comes or goes.  Much investigation and speculation has ensued and I even visited at night trying to see something (without success).  It’s not very clear on these images…  Will keep you posted.

Juvenile (probably Budhin) at night with mystery light (top right corner of screen)

6 thoughts

  1. Thanks Cilla for your update!
    Beautiful pics of the peregrine family, thanks.
    About the mysterious lights: I don’t have a clue.
    Think it is an reflection on something outside there…
    Maybe a guard outside?

  2. the light is a bit odd. I’ve checked the area and there are no street lamps there, but it could be an strange trick of the eye as there are several lights in a car park just nearby and it’s possible that something in the tree reflects those lights when the conditions are right. Or who knows??

  3. The way Diamond jumped when she saw Budhin in the box cracked me up! Budhin was like a little kid hiding behind the door and then jumping out to scare mum.

    I’m enjoying the mystery of the light – it’s certainly generated a lot of chat (and some wacky hypotheses!)

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