Juvenile returns home

One of the juveniles, Gaama (the female) I think, based on the size compared to the adults, who were doing a lovely dancing courtship just before she arrived.  Here are the links

Video, parents courting and juvenile arriving (ledge cam) https://youtu.be/KwVOhxUB4Pg

Video: parents courting and juvenile (nest cam)                       https://youtu.be/aAgIBzcbGYc

Video:  juvenile leaving https://youtu.be/XNKGsuOSZyA

And some screenshots


And a couple from Friday night, while I was watching flight training


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  Let’s hope we get a few more visits!


2 thoughts

  1. The youngsters (particularly Gaama) seem to like screaming into the box at high speed and scaring off any grown-ups who happen to be around. So good to see that their accuracy has reached a level that allows that. Cheeky little beasties!

  2. And here are some more videos from yesterday and this morning after Budhin spent the night in the box (a first for this year) with Diamond, who arrived very late (2335 h) and left very early (0402 h)

    Here is a juvenile (probably Gaama) defending the box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6vE_Xdu7ZE

    And with Xavier: https://youtu.be/7AVM6jey9rI

    Diamond and Budhin when Diamond leaves:

    And Budhin’s rather clumsy exit this morning at 0522 h

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