Flight training

I’ve been watching the chicks flying between the roost tree and the top of the tower every afternoon.  They are both flying really well and there is no reason why they shouldn’t visit the box.  But sometimes they don’t come back.  There doesn’t seem to be any reason why or why not.   Usually they come in looking for leftovers, but they might be so well fed, there is no need.

These photos were from yesterday afternoon and evening.   Have a lovely weekend everyone.    Cilla

Diamond, landing
Diamond on tree
Diamond and Gaama near nest
All four in tree at sunset
Gaama with prey in tree


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  1. I’ve also had some very encouraging noises from the Head of the Bird Collection at the Australian Museum who has offered her expertise in the analysis of prey data, particularly for those prey that I haven’t been able to identify, but wish to classify by size (harder than it sounds).

  2. That’s brilliant news about the prey ID.

    It’s great that the youngsters are becoming competent and confident fliers, too, even though they haven’t come back into the box. Good to know they’re well-fed.

  3. Again beautiful pictures, Cilla, thank you so much.
    Gaama is quite near to the scrape, wow.
    I’m happy they have developed so well and their flying skills grow every day. Also parents keep them well fed as we can see.

  4. Thank you for those lovely pictures, Cilla, and I’m pleased to hear that you’re getting support on the prey ID front.

    I am still checking the cams’ footage for eyases and still not finding any, so I think it’s time I stopped ~ maybe that will bring someone else luck 😉

    It’s been a really super season and I wish you all at HQ and all fellow watchers the best of luck till next season :-*

    This should be the link to my Sydney Peregrines 2018 YT playlist, not so many this year.


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