Youtube video and photos from outside

This is the video I tried to upload yesterday, but it was too big, so with some technical help from the Youtube Chat group (thanks, guys), I uploaded it to my (previously unused) Youtube channel and copied the link here.  Let’s see if it works!    It shows five week old chicks cavorting about on the with much flapping and pecking….a little reckless, perhaps, but that’s the way it is.

I also have some outside shots – see below.

Here are our two youngsters on the ledge, looking quite relaxed and at home (and probably hungry, as it’s been awhile since any prey came in).  Gamma (left) gave me a death stare worthy of Diamond!    Enjoy you weekend.


Gaama (female, left) and Budhin (male) right


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  1. Great pics! The little fluffy mohawks are so comical (although the cuteness doesn’t detract from the scariness of Gaama’s Death Stare one bit!)

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