On the ledge

Both chicks have finally stepped up onto the ledge, so they can properly survey their domain.  The size difference is now quite noticeable (although less than last year).

Budhin, male, left and Gaama, female right at five weeks old

Here is a nice shot of Budhin with Diamond on the ledge.

VIDEO 20181029 1606 gender diff, male left 20181030 0548 Budhun male on ledge

And here the chicks are playing around either on or very close (too close??) to the ledge, while waiting for their supper.



Prey has included some interesting and unusual items recently, including a masked woodswallow and a shining bronze-cuckoo.  Several wattlebirds have also met their match.


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  1. It’s sad. I’ve been busy house hunting and then moving house. I’ve missed most of this season. Now I have time to watch them I feel like I’ve not bonded. But they look like cheeky little mites just the same!

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