And they’re off

No, I’m not referring to the Melbourne Cup (which is tomorrow, the race for which Australia stops work!), but our fledgelings, this morning.   Gamma first, hotly followed by Budhin.

Here are the links with Gamma first

And Budhin

And I’d barely had time to get to work and start having a look around and send out an alert to the staff on campus to watch out for the youngsters, when my phone rang. One of them was on the ground in a small garden between two buildings.  It was an areas that would have been difficult to get out of and/or for the parents to find him, so I collected him (and collected a bite for my pains, despite gloves), took him to my office to get some measurements and then released him into a tree in the wood opposite the tower.   Tail was 130 mm and wing 240 mm.

Here are a few shots: 

Budgin, day of fledge, moved from ground to tree in wood opposite tower.




Close up of Budhin






7 thoughts

  1. Oh wow, Cilla – what gorgeous gorgeous photos! The live cams just don’t do these little beasties justice! Budhin forgot to act like the sunbeam for which he is named when he bit you!

    Thanks for these beautiful photos – I love his determined stance in the first pic.

  2. I missed the first fledge by a mere 35 seconds, as the stream had reached its 6-hour limit while I slept 🙁

    Thank you for the super “outdoor” photos, Cilla, and for all your hard work.

  3. Fantastic photo’s Cilla! Good thing you could save this little pecker. Hope you’ll find Gaama too!

  4. I’m so happy that both fledged successfully. They still have down…

    Thanks for beautiful photos of Budhin, Cilla. They are so sharp and clear. I love Budhin’s bright and eager eyes.

    I hope we’ll see Gaama soon. Maybe in the nest box like last year.

  5. POst-fledge breakfast Wed 7 Nov, X brings in very much alive starling, heads off with it over trees, then veers to the right and goes off screen. 7.48am

    Yuk, gruesome.

  6. It was a great season, with gamma and budhin!
    Thanks for your efforts and photo’s, Cilla!
    Hopefully we will hear something in the future about the 2 youngsters .

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