YouTube services are currently down

Yes, you heard me right. In a unique occurrence for YouTube they are experiencing some form of global outage, so our feeds won’t be working. And I was just sending the URLs to a contact to check them out, and thought I’d broken something! YouTube will let us know when they’re fixed. In the meantime please enjoy our intermission 1960’s elevator music……..

FYI both chicks are currently snoozing after a short feed earlier. We’ll wake them up again once YouTube is back!

(Ed. – YouTube may be back, but tentatively…. AEST 2.00pm)

2 thoughts

    1. My first thought is always a guilty one, wondering what I pushed, or clicked & saved in the wrong place. In this case, it wasn’t just me, thanks, Sue! No word from YouTUbe so far, but it was a worry for a short while. The other concern is always the irregular power reliability at Orange campus. Touch-wood we’ve been lucky for a while now, but storm season is commencing so we’ll see how reliable power is this season, shortly.

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