Half way outage

The chicks are now three weeks old, so about half way to fledging.  They are starting (finally) to move about the box more, which has made them more visible to people watching them live on youtube. They are being well fed and look very healthy.  They also look about the same size, so haven’t tried to separate them yet.  Perhaps at four weeks a difference will emerge, but of course, they could be the same gender, so then it gets really hard!

VIDEO  21081017 0757 h Di with pigeon and feeding

Unfortunately, there has been a problem with the live stream.  It started cutting out both on Youtube and on the CSU platform (both nest and ledge) and has now gone completely.  The chat was there for a while, but that seems to have gone too.   I have received an email telling me that it is very widespread and it’s possible that youtube has been hacked.

The timing is really bad as I have to go to Sydney tomorrow, so won’t have access to unlimited wifi as I have at work, although I’m hoping I can use the wifi where I’m staying, but would need to check as I really hoe into it when I’m making videos etc.   I will however try and update this website daily if I can.   I’m attending the Nature Conservation Council AGM/Conference.  I’m the Western Representative on the Executive Board, so I do have to be there!  I’ve planned a couple of jollies as well, including the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year at the Australian Museum, so it won’t all be political lectures and elections….from memory there’s no wifi at the conference venue, which is a nuisance.  I have a portable pre-paid modem, but I’d swallow my two years’ of data in a few hours!

There is rain forecast this afternoon and perhaps tomorrow, so things might be a bit quiet.  I have a theory that waterbirds tend to be more on the menu in wet weather, which makes sense if you think about it.

Talk to you in a day or two.    Cilla




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  1. YouTube presented me with a page of gobbledegook, saying that hundreds of monkeys had been sent to fix the problem. But my outage didn’t last very long. I am getting unreliability from nestcam, tho, when both cams used to faithfully last the max 6 hours.

    After an outage I check the cams and if the kids look fine I’m happy 🙂

    I hope you have a rewarding and fun break from the daily grind, Cilla 🙂

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