Two weeks and counting, time for names

Thanks so much to everyone who voted in the Great Chick Naming Competition.  Alas no prizes.     Here are the results:

Names Votes
Cloud 10
Dust 5
Breeze 5
Sunny 12
Gaama 24 (Wiradjuri for storm)
Fog 3
Rain 2
Burrawarra 12 (Wiradjuri for dusty)
Rainbow 13
Budhin 26 (Wirdjuri for sunbeam)

As you can see, the clear winners were Budhin (sunbeam), closely followed by Gaama (storm).   There were only three Wiradjuri names and they did pretty well).

The parents have been leaving the chicks for longer and longer periods alone while they hunt (or just sit on the top of the tower and wait for dinner!).   Here are two youngsters with the abandoned egg from this afternoon.   You can see how huge they are getting.  Often six meals a day coming in, with a few of the large honeyeaters (noisy miner and red wattlebird) in the mix.

I’ve put one in avi format and one in mp4, so you can choose.

VIDEO (avi) 20181009 1656 h chick preening time

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  1. That’s great news, Cilla! Really pleased that the Wiradjuri names were used. Very fitting for birds on Wiradjuri country 🙂 Little Budhin and Gaama have been very active today, but still not quite ready to venture out of their cosy corner.

  2. Thanks, Cilla. All that is good, but as Goshawkeyes asks, who is who ? 🙂 They seem to have the same size. How will we attribute one name and the other ?
    Are they both females or males ? Answer in two weeks, I guess.

  3. Thank you Cilla, this was also my choice. Like Helios I’d like to know who is who. Intuitively I would say that #1 is Gaama, and #2 Budhin (but don’t know why 😉 ).

  4. Hello everyone! I didn’t vote for names as I don’t qualify this year, having made no contributions whatsoever to date – on here, at least.

    It’s been a very stressful UK osprey season, thanks to Microsoft and Dell and a very unreliable young male osprey :'( so I am not trying to cope with as much as usual. However, I am following this lovely couple and their offspring and am downloading as much of the YouTube stream as I can.

    On Wednesday there seemed to be a “duckling” brought in (my ID skills are derisory, I’m hoping Cilla will know what it was) – here is a video and delivery snap.

    Note how the egg gets touchingly saluted after the meal.

    5m22s VIDEO =

    (If this doesn’t post I’ll send it off to Cilla.)

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