First steps and ducklings

Our youngsters (two and a half weeks old) took their first steps out of their corner yesterday.  Xavier lured them out witha nice snack of starling (they are less fussy than their mother, obviously), but they retreated back after the meal.

I’m using mp4 format.  Apologies to those who cannot open it, but the .avi format uses too much data on my home computer.


Xavier bringing in duckling


The diet has been quite varied this week: several large honeyeaters, including noisy friarbirds and red wattlebirds, thet usual parrots and starlings, and someone has also been visiting the wetlands as a few ducklings have been brought in (I think Australian wood duck, but hard to be sure).    Interestingly I saw a peregrine myself on Saturday at a local reservoir (I might have mentioned this in previous post).   I’m assuming that, in wet weather, falcons are likely to use lakes etc. more as the terrestrial birds are not out much in those conditions, but ducks are loving it.

You’ll start seeing dramatic plumage changes in the next few weeks as they develop their juvenile plumage and undergo a complete transformation.  They should also be a lot more active!

Have a lovely weekend.




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  1. The very brief foray into a more visible spot was very exciting, but didn’t they skedaddle back in a hurry afterwards! They’re very reluctant to leave their cosy corner unless there’s food to be had. It was lovely to watch them confidently picking over the remains of the starling all by themselves on Thursday.

    They’re not giving themselves much room for wing-flapping, and the flappier of the two seems to spend a lot of time whacking the other with his/her wings!

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