Close call on landing

This morning both parents landed on the ledge at once, causing a few anxious moments as it looked as thought they might collide.


VIDEO:  20180930 0757 both land on ledge

There is no third hatch (and seems less and less likely) but the two chicks are doing very well.  Plenty of food coming, so much so that Diamond is still rejecting some (well starlings, anyway).  We think Xavier might have brought in a rail, too, which is unusual.

Here is Diamond feeding the two youngsters:


VIDEO: 20180930 0703 feedng 2 chicks

And finally, Dad is also getting short turns at keeping the chicks warm, although I haven’t seen him feeding them yet (he tries, but Diamond assumes he is incompetent and takes over).

VIDEO: 29180930 0746 Dad takes over

3 thoughts

  1. That was THE most amazing close call – beautiful to watch.

    I’m being super-stubborn and not giving up yet on #3 (wishful thinking, perhaps). D appeared to be spinning the egg furiously this morning – so much wiggling on the chicks – and I’m almost sure there was a third little peep earlier this morning. In my mind I think of them as Crankypants and Quackers because of the noises they make, but the third sound I thought I heard was far quieter – more of a “peep” (the sound of false hope, maybe?)… I suppose time will tell. Not hugely hopeful, but not yet giving up!

  2. I saw Xavier start feeding several times, but “pesky” Diamond arrive always too quickly. It would be so nice to see him feeding ! Maybe dual feedings later…

  3. Another day has passed, and egg #3 is just furniture for the chicks to lean on now, I think. I suppose a smaller family is easier to feed, especially in drought.

    Xavier picked some tiny prey scraps from his toes earlier today to try and feed the chicks. So cute.

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