Second hatch without a hitch

The second chick hatched last night, about 1 am.   Mother and chick doing well and both chicks have been fed today several times.  Diamond still seems to be turning up her nose at starlings, but has accepted grateful pigeons and rosellas and something large and white with black legs (but too small for a sulphur-crested cockatoo, methinks, perhaps a corella??).

this is a first glimpse of second chick (the left white blob!).

Glimpse of 2nd chick.


A better picture is this one of Xavier, who came into the box after delivering his prey to Diamond (who took it away to have a feed, before returning to feed the chicks later).  He had a bit of a pick at the egg-shell, then went to sit on the chicks (but didn’t have much time as Diamond came back quick-smart to feed).

Proud father

VIDEO  20180927 Xav with two chicks

We are fairly confident that there is a small hole (a pip) on the third egg, but you know the saying about never counting your chickens… let’s keep fingers crossed.    Last year, we had two healthy chicks, but the third could not get out of the shell, despite Diamond’s help.


4 thoughts

  1. Hasn’t it been fabulous to see Xavier go from cheeky young prey-thief to crackerjack flight instructor to comical egg-feeder to clumsy chick-feeder to expert egg-sitter and now comfortable father who appears happy to sit with his new babies. Fingers crossed that egg #3 hatches successfully (and soon!)

    You know what else is fabulous? This blog!

  2. Just got a good look at the two chicks. Looking healthy and are growing. Didn’t see a pip in the third egg but couldn’t see much of it. Wonderful to be an observer to this process. From birth to fledge. Just awesome!

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