Yay, first chick arrives

After some debate about whether the chicks were hatching late, I checked our records and the hatching time is actually quite normal. It’s been 36 days since the first egg was lain (and she started incubating fairly soon, certainly by the time the second egg came two days later) and the average for our chicks since 2012 is 37 days (from 1st egg lain to hatch) and 35 days from first serious incubation (usually equates to 2nd egg being lain) to first hatch. So we are well within normal time-frame.

The bad news is that the eggs and chicks are right under the webcam, so hard to see. Scott focused the camera better today (thanks Scott), but they are still quite well hidden.  Anyway, here is the first glimpse of our first chick.   I’m thinking a large, ugly rock in that corner might be the go!  And it will give the chicks something to climb on.

20180925 1828 h first chick hatched, well hidden

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  1. Great to have the first chick after our long wait. Thanks for all the updates Cilla. I learn so much from your posts. Much appreciated.

  2. I second the idea of the rock in the corner, ha ha! It was pretty special, being able to hear the peeping of the chick in and out of the egg – such a noisy little thing! Here’s to happy hatching of numbers 2 and 3 – and a shift to a more visible spot!

  3. I think I suggested the rock(s) in this corner beneath the camera to Scott a few years ago. Really would help to keep the eggs in sight 😉
    It is so nice to have new life emerging again. 🙂

  4. Such a cute little thing .. I was watching diligently yesterday til about 15 minutes before the sighting!! Haa haa

    But seeing the empty egg shell today I knew we had a hatch!

  5. Good idea! I’m joking of course. I am as strong as an ox!

    I was going to start new thread, but I think I’ll leave it till tomorrow afternoon. There is a clear hole in one of the other eggs, so I’m guessing we’ll have another hatching overnight.

    I run a small plant propagation team at the university and we are having a working bee tomorrow morning, so hope the hatching is within the re-wind time.

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