Length of time from fledge to dispersal

I had a look at the last few years to see when juveniles have actually left district (well, haven’t been seen) and Marragaay’s hanging around is not that unusual.     Of note is the 2015_16 year when juveniles were seen flying past the box (often being chased away by an adult) up until 5th February.

Year Gender Days seen since fledge Comment
2012-2013 1 M 72 Often in box
2013-14 n/a Eggs broke
2014-15 1 M Bird fell before fledging
2015_16 2F 1M 25-87 Rarely in box
2016-17 2F 1M 21 Not seen in box
2017-18 M 37 Often in box (Bali)
F 61 And still here (Marragaay)

And here she is arriving in the box yesterday evening, chasing Diamond from her perch.   Sorry about the spotty image.   The storm has smudged the camera and I’ll have to get up there and clean it next week. I was going to wait until Marragaay dispersed, but I could be in for a wait looking at the table.

And speak of the devil – Marragaay has just landed on the tower with her usual screech!  6. 05  pm.   I can hear her from my office.

Of interest, is the fact that Xavier brought in some food the other day (unidentifiable – just a morsel, really) but he didn’t give it to Diamond (who was in the box) but circled around and then took off with it again – up to his old tricks.

Note that the nest cam is slightly ahead of the ledge cam.

Have a lovely weekend.    Who’s going to see Elvis at Parkes?   Tempted, but can’t get away until recording software fixed (sigh…) –

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  1. It’s the Elvis weekend? Some friends and I rode our motorbikes there from Canberra several years ago – what a hoot it was! We had a ball. I believe there was an Elvis train (carriage?) that left Sydney on the Elvis weekend, chockers with Elvis fans and Elvis lookalikes – Central Station apparently looked like an Elvis convention!

    But back to the falcons, ha ha! Great to have all that data to check back on for things like this. Are you going to take bets on how long Marragaay will stick around?

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