All quiet in the box, but M still around

It’s been really quiet today since Diamond left the box at just past 6 am and there long absences yesterday, too.   Marragaay was last heard yesterday afternoon and the day before was spotted chasing poor old Xavier around,  but no sight or sound since.  Does this mean the parents have escorted her away from their territory?    Time will tell.    It’s almost the evening ‘screech around the tower’ time, so will let you know if that happens tonight.

I have another video of Marragaay on the ledge, screeching her head off, after displacing Diamond (on evening of 16th).

I hope you are enjoying the Youtubes.  Scott has done a fantastic job on this – the images are great and having the function of 4 hours playback is extremely useful for me.     It’s also much easier to make snapshots and videos (of lesser quality, however).    There’s quite a bit of chat on this site, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to make comments.

I’m off to catch some music at the Sydney Festival this weekend.   I’ll have my trusty laptop with me, so I can take advantage of the hotel’s wifi and keep recording (having cleared the computer of all extraneous material to make room for these huge files), but of necessity I’ll have some gaps when I’m travelling back, so any observations between about 9 am and 2 pm on Monday would be most welcome.

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  1. Absolutely loving the YouTube! Having audio is brilliant – thanks Scott et al for all your efforts to get things up and running.

    Cilla, I loved that clip of Marragaay – her pose on the ledge put me in mind of a mouthy teen, hands on hips, ha ha ha!

    Enjoy the festival and try to stay cool – I believe Sydney’s about to have another heatwave (hottest place on the planet again? Yikes!)

  2. Well, I’m wrong. Marragaay is still here, judging by the screeching coming from the top of the tower. And both Diamond and Xavier have recently visited the box. I think they’ll all been on a day trip to Molong to check out the yummy superb parrots (kidding).

  3. I’m not sure why, but I keep getting a “disconnected” message on the live chat on YouTube. Are others having similar issues? I just saw a message from Cilla on there, from only about 10 mins ago, but was able to post a reply. Marragaay just did a lovely Xavier-ish exit – you know those “goodbye cruel world” jumps he does from the ledge?

  4. Clearing my cache fixed the “chat” problem for me on YouTube but I’m not inclined to interrupt the kiddies’ conversation in there, to have it lost in amongst the chatter.

    When I’ve ventured onto YouTube I’ve seen plenty of Xavier over the past day or two, but not much of Diamond, and nothing of Marragaay – have others spotted her/them? Or is it possible that Diamond has been helping Marragaay settle into new digs somewhere?

  5. Scratch that last question – I think it might be Diamond in the box at the moment (11.45am Thurs) and when Xavier departed earlier he seemed to be chasing after another falcon who must’ve been on the top of the tower…

    Still haven’t spotted (or heard Marragaay) though.

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