YouTube teething problems

Not that anyone ever thought that YouTube actually has real teeth but our streaming feeds hiccuped yesterday, as everyone noticed. It turned out to be an issue inside CSU’s network and not due to the storm cell that blasted through Orange the previous evening, but our good DIT contact, Ayden, fixed the problem and both streams came straight back up. Thanks again Ayden! The old streaming server is struggling without disk space but everything that could be uninstalled & removed has been, yet it’s still an issue. In a month or so we’ll drop the server off anyway, probably rebuild it, and then keep it as a spare machine, just in case.

2 thoughts

  1. I’ll double check, but pretty certain it was Marragaay.

    I had to drive back from Blackheath today and so had no recording. Diamond was in the box when I left just after 9 am and was still there at 1230 pm, but I can’t be sure she just stayed put! Does anyone have any sightings of activity between these times (or even times when box was empty?)

    Cheers Cilla

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