Live camera streams & the Milestone server

The trials for both camera streams via YouTube Live have been nothing short of fantastic. The stability for both feeds is as good as the CSU network will allow and finally we’re able to offer true HD and audio to viewers. There’s the added bonus that now all Android and Apple devices can see the feeds too. We’ve yet to test functionality if, and when, there’s a power outage on campus but comments from new and existing subscribers have been great – thankyou to you all!! The trial period for one of the cameras runs out today and we’re just waiting on the invoice from Camstreamer to purchase the 2 licences, so if the feed stops on you, that’s probably what we’re waiting for! The older streaming server is still running until we know the new feeds are working trhe way we want them to.

Progress on the Milestone surveillance server rebuild is good; just having a few issues in getting our client software to see the cameras via the server, which is proving highly frustrating for Cilla, and time-consuming for both of us.

It’s good to see that the majority of the peregrine family is still with us, and no-one disgraced themselves over the Xmas/New Year period. With possibly a much warmer January and February on the way it will be interesting to see how much contact we’ll have with them all. Maybe we need to install air-conditioning up in the “Concrete Hilton”?! At least we know this summer weather is immeasurably better than conditions in North America right now. Our thoughts are with the poor folks struggling through the Big Chill up north. Any of our friends up in Winnipeg or thereabouts – how are you all coping?

N.B. (4th Jan, morning) – we should have the two streaming licences any time from now on; one YouTube feed trial has expired but it will be up again permanently as soon as the licences are applied. Thanks for your patience. We’ll keep the old streaming server up for another month after the YouTube feeds are established, just as a contingency, but will remove them from the camera pages to lessen confusion!

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  1. Now both webcams appear to be out. Is anyone out there able to pick up the cams?

    7- 8 pm Marragaay still around – just saw her screeching around the tower. Just going out to see what I can see, then home.

  2. I, in Japan, can see both webcams now. (Only the ledge camera on YouTube, I can’t.)

    Dec. 3, 3:55 pm I heard juvenile’s call from the nest camera. A parent (I could see only tip of tail…) was on the ledge.

  3. I think Scott must have tweaked something as I now have ledge cam on CSU (but not on Youtube) and nest cam on Youtube (but not on CSU). Very strange, but workable, although still using manual screen recorder. I tried recording at home, but managed to use over half a month’s data quota in two days!.

    I’ve noted Kaoru’s comments on juvenile calling. Thanks for this. Marragaay was here again yesterday evening between 1845 and 1915 chasing Xavier around the tower.

  4. I’m sitting watching Diamond on the ledge and waiting for Marragaay to come screeching up to the tower, but nothing so far – and nothing last night. Maybe she got told, after the last kill, that she’s on her own at last.

    I’ve noticed that when one or more of the youngsters starts dispersing that the male is often absent and wonder if that’s part of his role ie to lure the young away from the parents’ territory. I’ll have a look at previous years and see if that stands up.

    It’s going to be a scorcher this weekend, and I noticed Diamond gasping with heat today, so hopefully the others have a shady nook. Keep cool, everyone (in Australia, that is!)

    I’m going out now to have a look around. I’ll be in and out much of the weekend as I’m still using a screen recorder. Fingers crossed that the ledge cam keeps going.

  5. Well spotted. She was on the top of the tower when I got to the university this afternoon at 5.30 (no sign of adults) and I’ve just seen her come into the box very briefly just now 7.40 pm, then went screeching over the fields opposite the other side of the trees.

  6. Yes, and I just heard a juvenile screeching her way up to the top of the tower, so she’s still here. It’s been raining here today with heavy rain and thunder. Xavier moved right to the back of the box during the worst of the storm, with rain splashing on the lenses, but I’m assuming the girls took shelter in the woods.

    Still no recording software, but one of the security guards reset the recorder for me late last night and will do so again tonight, so a bit of a reprieve.

    Youtubes also playing up. Keep getting a green screen, so I’ve switched back to the CSU streamers, which are also playing up a bit, but basically functioning. They don’t like thundestorms!

  7. Youtubes seem to be fine again. I’m off to tbe Blue Mountains for the night (singing) with my laptop under my arm and a promise of free, unlimited wifi (as well as a good sing!), so can keep recording and will do an update tomorrow afternoon.

    I watched Diamond and Xavier for half an hour or so at sunset last night. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing from the tower, but no sign of Marragaay. Has she finally left?

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