Marragaay’s hunting grounds

Last night I was able to observe Marragaay firstly chasing Xavier around the tower and then after giving up on her parents, hunting over a paddock not far from the tower.  She then disappeared into some pines.  After about ten minutes, she flew back to the tower with her prey (unidentified at this stage, but passerine – suggestions welcome).  This was definitely her kill as the others were on the tower during this time.

The hunting grounds


I also got a video of her flying to the top of the tower, with Xavier on the ledge, soon to be replaced by Diamond.  Three out of three!  This was on 31st Dec.

Until the ledge cam is fixed, (maybe it’s too old? Perhaps just needs a kick, which I might be tempted to do when I clean the box) I probably won’t be able to do more updates from that, but I’ll try and be here at the busy time at dusk as I’m really keen to see how long Marragaay stays (or is allowed to stay) now she’s clearly a competent hunter.

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  1. A very happy New Year from the UK. For some reason we tend to see in the New Year in the same order each year ……….. funny, that.

  2. Nice work Marragaay! Happy 2018 everybody! Just imagining the parental reaction to their girl’s hunting success “Yay! Now at last she can stop hassling us, nick off and leave the prey to us!”

    Cilla, the “hunting grounds” are beautiful – hope you’re getting enough rain to keep the prey plentiful.

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