Marragaay still with us; parents courting

I haven’t seen Bali now, either in the box, on the tower, or in the fields and woods, since 20th December – over a week, now, so I think we can safely say that he has left the area, hopefully to pigeon-filled greener pastures.

Marragaay, however, doesn’t appear to want to leave home and is still chasing parents for food.   Here I caught her in the roost trees, which are ancient yellow box and looking rather fine at present, as they are in flower, so I’ve included a landscape shot.   Marragaay can just be seen as a dot in the centre far right of the picture.

Marragaay and the juvenile roost area

She then flew to the tower, but the photo is too back-lit.  However, Diamond gave me a look only a peregrine can produce meaning ‘back off’.

The death stare

And here are the loving couple renewing their bonds in the longest courtship ritual I’ve seen for some time.  My apologies for the internet radio noise in the background!  Note also that the two images are slightly out of synch, so you might think there is a threesome, but alas, not just the two.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures.
    Marragaay looks great.
    Diamond staring at you looks so cute to me…!

    4:53 pm I heard calls and 4:54 two flew by (not came in).
    One of them was Marragaay…? Too fast.

  2. I had a look at the chase at 4.53-4 and I think it was Diamond being chased by Marragaay, and there was a lot of calling. M was also calling shortly after 6 am this morning.

    I can’t get here in the early mornings as I need to spray my weeds in summer (or could be fined) on our property, which is 57 ha (123 acre for the Americans!).

    I’m going to be away from tomorrow morning for two nights at the Gulgong Folk Festival, so any sightings, videos and comments, especially on Sunday, would be welcome as the screen recorder won’t go that long!

  3. 9 40 am just changing the screen recorder before setting off for two nights away, and Marragaay was sitting on top of the tower, looking a bit damp as we had a welcome 12 ml of rain overnight, with Xavier in the box. Diamond presumably bringing home the bacon.

    All sights and sounds of Marragaay (or Bali, of course) over the next two days would be most welcome.

  4. Happy New Year to all!

    Dec 31, 3:02 pm
    D and X were in the box.

    Dec 31, 7:22 pm
    D was in the box and J? flew by…
    D left and two flew by, and only D came in the box. But juvenile call till 7:25.
    D was looking up on the ledge, so M or B was (or…M and B were ! ) on the top of the tower…?

    Jan 1, 1:09 pm
    X and D bowing.

  5. Thanks for all these notes. It’s helped me fill in a few gaps – these were not as many as I feared as the hotel had good wifi and I shamelessly abused this privilege.

    Most of the problems arose from the ledge cam, which has been malfunctioning on and off all day. I’ve notified Scott.

    I had a lovely session watching Marragaay hunt this evening and will put up new thread with piccies tomorrow.

  6. Response to Shep – Bali not been sighted recently, so he’s right – that incident was with Marragaay.

    Ledge cam was not working early this morning, but at just before 8 am, it WAS working on the old streaming server (with sound), not NOT on youtube. I was worried the camera had given up the ghost, so fingers crossed.

  7. Am I the only one having problems with the ledge cam? I can get it on my portable wifi (but that has 2 GB that has to last 2 years!) and my wifi at home, but not at work through CSU wifi (on either my own laptop or my work computer). How is that even possible?

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