Family still intact

Diamond having booted Bali out of his bed in the box and both birds apparently having made kills, I was expecting a quiet campus today, but no..both the juveniles are still here.   This is Marragaay on the roost tree this morning:

When I went to the university this evening to change the screen recorder, Marragaay was doing her usual trick of screaming around the tower after Diamond, who again took refuge in the box.   Xavier meanwhile was on the tower, studiously ignoring the shenanigans.   And as I drove home, both youngsters were on the roost tree, Bali quiet, Marragaay careering around.

And Bali came into the box today briefly, too:

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  1. Ymm, turkey, that would be interesting. Perhaps duck? In UK they take ducks often, but I haven’t got any evidence of this prey with our birds, although they have taken rails and cormorants, and possibly coots.

    I just heard Marragaay doing her dusk screech around the tower and she in now on top of tower. Not sure where the others are, but the juveniles have not been using the box as much.

    I”m currently going through the 2012_13 records (about time, you might say:) and Snow the juvenile was still using the box until mid-January, so clearly the length of time that they stay around after fledging is highly variable.

    We are having a heat wave here…36 forecast for tomorrow, so I’m guess they’ll find some shade and try and keep cool, apart from some gentle starling gathering at dusk and dawn (and me, too, perhaps not the starling bit).

  2. The immature peregrine I was lucky enough to meet in my front yard had killed a wood duck. It must be a popular feed in some parts as I believe peregrines are sometimes called “duck hawks”…

  3. Yes, they are often referred to as duck hawks here (Canada). It is so good to see them both doing so well. Thanks Cilla.

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