Siblings at dusk

After a rather hot and uneventful day, I heard the juvenile female, Marragaay screeching around the tower.  This is usually followed by Diamond taking shelter in the box, but that didn’t happen.  What DID happen, however, was a surprise (and very short) visit by both juveniles – Marragaay on the ledge, I think.    I missed the entry and the video is very jerky.  I”m still using screen recorder (and still camping in my office, almost) and the quality is very poor, so I can let it go all night.   And I’m off home now.



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  1. No-one in the box last night. Xavier paid short visit between 9 and 10, but otherwise all quiet.

    Both cams went out shortly after noon. No idea why. it’s hot and windy here, but no thunderstorms yet. Our family will be sheltering from the heat, I imagine.

    I noticed a lot of insect activity in the box, particularly during, and am wondering whether I should do something about that – I should at least clean it out when it’s a bit cooler.

  2. Diamond brought in a red wattlebird (a very large honeyeater, very common here) and started plucking it. Bali arrived a few minutes later and Diamond left. He held the prey and picked at it a bit, but didn’t eat it and after over an hour he left it on the floor of the box before leaving just before 2 pm. I can only conclude he wasn’t hungry (I”m sure they would taste nicer than starling), which of course is very good news.

    THEN Diamond came in at half-past two and after sixteen minutes of holding the prey, she left with it. and THEN Marragaay appeared, but left a few minutes later. Did her brother tell her there was something nice in the box, but too late??? Who knows!

    I’m going home now, but can put up video tomorrow afternoon of Bali’s arrival. It’s not bad.

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