What a trio

I had a bit of luck tonight.  Both juveniles were in the dead tree. I watched them flying about (I’m not quick enough to photo them in flight, alas) and then settle close together in the tree, to be joined later by Diamond (Mum), who was not at all impressed with my presence, but didn’t actually attack.  At first it was poor light, then the evening sun shone through the trees picking out our duo and then the trio.

In the shots with Diamond, she is on top, then Bali with Marragaay lower.  Note how she is much bigger, and still a bit fluffy.  Nice shot of Diamond last.


8 thoughts

  1. Wonderful moments of two youngsters and mom! Thanks for beautiful pictures, Cilla.
    Happy to see Marragaay.

    Bali left the ledge at 8:01 pm and returned at 8:19 pm.
    Did you see the trio during the time?

  2. No, it was a bit earlier, I think: between 7 and 8 ish, so Bali must have gone to the ledge just after I left. Shame, I would have liked a picture of him taking off. I’ll check the tape later in the weekend.

  3. I may be wrong… I just scribbled on paper…

    I have a screenshot of Bali on the ledge 7:45 , so you met them before that.

    Bali is sleeping on the ledge now.
    I’d like to see trio in my dream tonight.

  4. 5.00 am Dec 10
    It appeared a bird flew by – and Bali ducked –
    this happened TWICE
    he was perched on the edge of the ledge
    Bali alerted – then I snapped a weird pose he took –
    he kinda ran inside and ‘stood on his head’

  5. Shep, I keep getting a “site cannot be reached” message 🙁

    So – 9pm Monday – no Bali in the box…. Has our boy flown the coop?

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