Taking bets on Bali

For some reason my post last night has not appeared.  The Milestone recording software is still not working, but I’m really keen to record at the moment, especially the movements of Bali (and Marragaay if she appears) and how long they hang around using the box.

So I’ve managed to get some screen capture software (Movavi).  This is going fine, but I have to be there to jog the screen when it hangs ie refresh the browser, so not much use overnight and during the morning.  I’m not sure how to overcome that, except to try and install it at home, which will require pretty heavy data usage.  We are on NBN wireless, which is okay, but not unlimited.  And I don’t fancy waking every hour to refresh browser!

So your screen capture shots are really useful, especially those of Bali leaving and other early morning activities.  Many thanks to those who sent them in.

Bali arrived quite late last night about 8.30 pm and was gone by 6 am.

Anyway, what are bets for how long he/they hang around?  We did have a juvenile female stay until about late January, often overnight in the box with her mother (old Swift).  But last year both juveniles were seen no more than three weeks post-fledge (ie now).


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  1. I tried to record Bali (or parent) leaving the box several times, but every time, right before he leaves, the cam skips a few minutes forward, so his leaving cannot be recorded. Streaming is working worse since the big outage.
    At the moment I concentrate on making screenprints.

  2. I noticed yesterday evening around 7.30 that a parent (Xavier, I think) was on the ledge, but handed it over to Bali, who had a little wander to the back corner of the box then sat on the ledge to survey his empire for a while, before flitting off again (and arriving again, as Cilla observed, around 8.30). Bali is so at home in the box of an evening and I’ve been wondering whether, like magpie youngsters, he will need a bit of a nudge to leave the ancestral home. I reckon he’s thinking he might be there for the long haul, and so far X&D don’t have any objections. I wonder, though, whether they will have Swift’s tolerance (was it tolerance, Cilla, or might she have decided, in her advanced years, to choose her battles wisely and not ‘rock the boat’??) I reckon Bali will hang about for a bit longer yet. 🙂

  3. CAn’T answer about Bali and how tolerant Diamond will be. She is vacating her place in the box for him, so she might be quite generous.

    The good news is that I’ve downloaded an extension from Google Chrome which automatically refreshes the browser every 10 minutes. Worked quite well today, with a couple of freezes, so don’t expect it to go all night, but fingers crossed. Will be mighty big file to handle if it works!

    Have to leave early as I have landcare dinner, but will check roost tree on my way. Marragaay was there at lunchtime collecting something from the ground (too far away to tell), but no sign of Bali (or Diamond) today.

  4. Just back from our dinner and it’s 11 pm, a clear coldish amazingly starry night and no-one in the box. Sleep tight wherever you are.

  5. And still there at midnight. Isn’t his bib getting white? I saw one of the birds at the roost tree on my way home, but I was a bit late for proper identification or photos (too dark). Will try again tomorrow.

    I managed to get the screen recorder to go all night last night, but it stopped about 7 am, so used your sightings to fill in my gaps. The file was pretty big 1.8 GB and I couldn’t manipulate it, but I was able to set it go as fast as I could and simply watched it, and it only took about 15 minutes, so that worked well. Might be tricky recording over the weekend, however as I have commitments.

  6. Yes, Kaoru, I have screenshots of prey brought in by Xavier, which I might put up in new thread if I can’t get any live shots tonight, but interestingly he dropped it outside the box. I might go and see if I can retrieve it!

    So no-one got lunch!

  7. I will be SURPRISED if the parents feed Bali inside the box.
    I expect they dont want him there.
    Better if he is near sis Mara

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