More peregrine highlights, as we farewell the two fledglings for 2017

A couple more video (with audio) clips here from the past 2-3 days:

Marragaay’s dinner time, without sibling interruptions (great shot of feathers)

Marragaay’s midnight feast (the new IR illuminator is working so well)

Night time can be lonely when on one’s own

(apologies for mixing up the two descriptions and titles for the two fledgling launch videos previously; all fixed!)

two peregrine falcons
Marragaay and adult Xavier

5 thoughts

  1. Wow, the midnight snack one was a beauty – that Marragaay is a bold one, begrudging her mum a bite or two…. little piggy!

  2. Congraturations on the successful fledge of Bali and Marragaay. I missed the both live, so thanks for the videos!
    And Cilla and Scott, great thanks for the updates, pictures, and streamings up until now and from now on.
    I update our site (falcons in Osaka, Japan) everyday, so I understand how hard sometimes to continue.

    We see beautiful CSU falcons all the year round because of you, two!

    Also thank you everyone all here for the imformations, and happy talks. And scylla’s videos are wonderful!

    I keep watching expecting juveniles’ visit!
    (in Osaka, too, sometimes juveniles return to the nest after fledge.)

  3. Just to let you know that there has been a sighting of one of the juveniles in one of the large trees opposite (but I think out of sight of) the nest box.

    I went down to have a look, but couldn’t find her (him?), but they won’t be far and I’ll try and get pictures tomorrwo.

  4. Thank you for the videos, Scott, they’re lovely!

    Thank you for the update, Cilla (and I’ve already thanked you for your tireless(?!) work thru the season but I need to repeat it), here’s to successful eyas-hunting in the near future 🙂

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