And she’s off

Marragaay followed in the steps of her little brother  at 6.12am this morning.   She also flew really well, over and through the eucs, where she seemed to be followed by parents, then one of them (hard to tell from here) seemed to fly between the eucs and the pine windbreak and then they all disappeared  to the left of the left of the screen (towards the trees near the car park).

It’s very hard to be sure, and you’ll have to look very closely, but it did look as if M seemed to be flying one minute, then on the ground in the next (with the two adults still flying) on the lawn to the bottom left of your screen.  Anyway here’s the video.    I have to rush, but on my way out, I’ll have a look around for her to make sure she is not still on that lawn (if she is, I’ll put her in a tree).

But what a flight!

As soon as I find the birds (which I will), I’ll put up some shots.

Thar she blows

VIDEO Marragaay departs

4 thoughts

  1. Unless they are shadows they all looked like they flew past the left of the box. Nice flight kiddos. It will be sad to see you go, but glad you made it!

  2. Diamond seems to be hanging out on the ledge on and off all day. Is she looking for her eyases or is she taking a day off after a job well done? Xavier stopped by with prey but soon took off seeing just Diamond there. Hope you can find them Cilla before they are both off to see the world! Thanks Cilla, Scott and other Falcon cam project members. Stay safe little Bali and Marragaay!

  3. Often when they first land, they stay quiet for a day or two, somewhat stunned by the effort. So sometimes it takes a little while before they gather in a roost tree together. Last year, it was an old dead yellow box in a paddock a couple of hundred metres from the tower. I haven’t seen there yet, but will keep an eye out, as well as in other likely trees. I’ll also drive and walk around looking for signs (mobbing birds etc.).

    Watch this space!

  4. Phew, finally got a chance to watch the videos – have been in suspense all day at work. Thanks for posting them! I’ve watched the Marragaay departure twice and could only see two birds “exit, stage left” at the end of it, although there were clearly three heading over the trees just prior to that. It seemed to me that one disappeared into those trees and the other two kept going.

    I hope they all manage to find one another for a nice safe night together out in the Big Wide World.

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