But so clumsy!

That Xavier might be getting better at feeding, but he needs to watch his feet!  He also needs to prepare the prey better as this was a very rough pluck, which to his credit, he realised, and hence the hasty exit.   Macropus = large feet, which is the name of the primary Australian subspecies.

Plenty of food coming in, sometimes rejected (does Diamond prefer parrots to starling…?  .mm, not sure, she certainly takes anything if hungry).   Hard to keep track of whether the food is fresh or stashed – important as I don’t want to count double prey.   Stash in previous years has normally been in the box, but rarely this year.

I have to leave for Sydney in three hours, so unless something dramatic happens (eg resurrection), I’ll sign off for a  few days.   I don’t have the recording software when I’m away for the office, but might be able to answer queries.   I can also put up new thread if this one gets too long.    There is at least wifi at the venue at Uni Sydney.

These birds are not called ‘macropus’ for nothing!

VIDEO  20171006 Clumsy Xav short


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  1. It’s rather nice weather hear at the moment .. safe travels! IF you’d come next week I’d have invited you to Tempe Birdos.

  2. “Plucking” – you mean that birds don’t have their own special word? Disgraceful 😉
    Here’s the poopsie, Deborah, but it doesn’t show up well – so I’ve called it an airy squit, to intrigue viewers 😀

    14s VIDEO = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNCxw-FU7OY

    (You may have seen it more clearly but I record the nest from less than half of an 11″ screen, it doesn’t stand a chance really.)

  3. We’ve had a few blackages … wonder what’s going on. It seems to be on for an hour off for an hour.

  4. Just nodding off in my B&B in Sydney and cams are working and all is quiet; Diamond with head tucked, still sitting on 1 egg and 2 chicks.

  5. Is something wrong with the streaming? Both are just black screens to me and have been everytime I have checked for the last 24 hours. And it is not just me. My friend, who lives a few hundred miles from me, is having the same issue.

  6. The streaming seemed to be up for an hour off for an hour for me. I don’t know that it’s been back up since 11:30PM last night.

    I wonder if the uni are taking the system up and down for maintenance while the students are on holidays?

  7. Everything’s looking good at the moment 0754 h, with no change – two wriggly, growing chicks and one egg, presumed dead.

    The university students are still here (well, in Orange, I’m in Glebe) – holidays not for a couple of weeks. But anyway, I’m fairly confident that we would be warned if there was some type of maintenance scheduled. They always let us know if there is going to be a power outage and there were no storms forecast.

    There is a little rain forecast tomorrow, hopefully.

  8. Looks to be down again. I wonder if we should make a note of down times incase there are any patterns.

  9. I started doing a record yesterday, then I noticed they were all related to the times my browser refreshed – the picture would freeze but not go black until the browser refreshed – and when the picture eventually recovered at source it wouldn’t show up on my screen until the browser refreshed on its 10-minute schedule.

  10. 9:19am it’s working.

    So you mean after an hour? I was closing my browser a lot and sometimes I’d open it, sometimes I’d close it.

  11. Hmm Scylla, I had it down for 10 minutes. Maybe something in what you said about it’s 10 minute schedule?

  12. The ‘schedule’ is the auto-refresher extension (‘add-on’) in my browser. I have to set things to look after themselves.

    This has been the LEDGE performance so far today.

    Freeze times are actual freeze times, the black screen doesn’t kick in immediately. Recovery doesn’t occur until the browser refreshes at 15-minute intervals and finds that the stream is live again (it’s the nest that I’ve got on 10-minute intervals, how inconsistent!)

    06:43:58 – Freeze
    07:12:43 – Recovery
    08:00:20 – Freeze
    09:28:23 – Recovery
    10:02:42 – Freeze
    10:28:35 – Recovery
    10:44:12 – Freeze
    12:23:09 – Recovery
    13:35:14 – Freeze
    14:26:47 – Recovery

    A little earlier Diamond picked up the failed egg and I thought she was going to take it away but I think she put it back with the chicks – I shall check.

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