Project systems maxed out

Apologies to all for the streaming difficulties – the server is maxing out and running for most of the day right now at its peak. Every so often the server may hang, but the streaming app restarts every hour at the moment, and every 12 hours the computer itself reboots, so if the vision hangs, or won’t show up, give it an hour or so and hopefully it will come right again. It doesn’t help that I’ve ducked out of the country for just a couple of days either!

BIG changes to come for the off-season, with tests on new streaming capabilities. There have been plenty of suggestions but most of them require big financial investment and infrastructure which we don’t have yet. Lots of homework to do, but as long as Diamond doesn’t realise any of this is happening all will be well in the long run.

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  1. All black on my screen – will try again in the next hour 🙂 Drove to Canberra and back today, so had to content myself with a wedge-tailed eagle sitting on its breakfast in the middle of the Imlay Rd… what a sight that was!

  2. It’s amazing the trip to Canberra. I always see birds of prey around Gunning. I actually keep going past there and turn off the HARDEN exit after Yass .. but I’ve seen wedge tails almost every trip.

    I can’t believe Diamond still has that egg. She treats it so well. How sad.

  3. I know it’s sad .. but in one way it gives the researchers something else to look at. This is Diamond’s first dead chick right? I guess she hasn’t realised yet.

  4. 06:36hr this morning, Diamond went to fetch something to eat and while she was gone Xavier arrived with his contribution. Diamond took hers to the chicks, Xav left his on the ground and flew off.

    The nestcam had frozen soon after Diamond left, so there’s no view of the feed.

    Plus, there’s a corruption in here somewhere so I can’t put fade transitions in.

    1m12s VIDEO =

  5. BTW, it looks a pretty miserable day, I noticed possible drizzle squalls earlier and recently it’s been total mistiness outside, cleared a bit now.

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