Signs of life, 1st chick appears

At about 1600 h, a largish hole appeared in one of the eggs (which had been showing signs of cracking for some time), and the hatching commenced about 1700

hatching gets started




with the first appearance of the chick at 1803 h (6 pm for the Americans!).

VIDEO   20171001 1st chick appears

As you’ve all seen, there is a sizeable hole in a second egg, so I expect something to happen tonight.   I will try and get in tomorrow afternoon, but have commitment in the morning, so I’ll hand over to the night shift!

Good luck and good night to Diamond and all her followers.


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  1. Ha! I congratulated you 2 threads ago, Cilla, as I was to excited to wake up and see a perrilet on my screen I didn’t check for new threads ;-D

    I stayed awake as long as I could so was very late up on this UK morning. Am now scrolling thru the past several hours for the story of the hatch, and will there be more than one?!

  2. Videos and snaps – from pip to hatch and Xav bringing food and taking over – are here:

  3. She’s in the stash corner this side, and has brought something out.

    (Pleeease keep going so we can see the little on fed.)

  4. “Di poops in stash corner, Xav arrives, Di starts feed”

    Poor Xav didn’t get to stay long.

    3m57s VIDEO =

    Uncut but cropped first breakfast.

    8m04s VIDEO =

    Lots of snaps from ‘Limpy’ and me on the RSPB page linked above.

  5. 06:37hr – Prey-drop, but not yet req’d so Xav takes it away. (I won’t attempt ID-ing, but it’s not colourful 😉 ).

    59s VIDEO =

  6. Methinks Xavier will have to lift his game….. chick and eggs all alone while Diamond steps out 9.10am. Gotta go to work – aaaaargh! Come on Xavier – you have a family to feed!

  7. Late reporting due to footage crashing my editor, workaround found eventually 😉

    “Diamond takes stash, leaves, chick vocal, Di returns”

    (Diamond’s ledge departure was frozen out but I’ve included the disappearance of the stashed item.)

    1m17s VIDEO =

    It wasn’t too bad, SUE, Diamond had only been gone about a minute when Xavier got his act together… except, he didn’t really, he hadn’t even managed to sit down when Di returned ;-D

    “Xavier doesn’t know how to set about brooding chick”

    1m03s VIDEO =

  8. Oh I see what you mean, SUE – you’re referring to Di’s earlier excursion. Sorry, my mistake 🙂

    It’s Monday morning there now, isn’t it – we have that pleasure to come – but one advantage of getting old is that one doesn’t have to get up to a timetable.

  9. just noticed that Xavier is here – he’s given up, I can’t see him on the ledge, maybe he’ll turn up there on watch soon 😉

  10. Lol, Deborah! I didn’t see the wasp, am catching up with barn owls and bats and the critters that visit the Starr Ranch ‘scent station’ and compost bin 😀

    Xavier just brought a prey item, which Diamond is eating in the box – well, I think it’s her, but there’s been a big freeze and I’m talking to you so I haven’t followed it every second. I’ll replay in a minute.

  11. There was quite a good unfreezy view on the ledge cam of Diamond eating, and now she’s feeding perrilet (I made that up, to go with ‘osplet’, take no notice).

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