Pip hole, finally

Just got to work.  Thanks for all the alerts.   I tried to keep a half an eye out at home while doing chores, but kept getting distracted.

At 1411.37 pm there was a change-over (with prey) and an obvious crack in the egg.   And about time, too.

At 1610-11 I got some shots of this obvious pip-hole in the egg, with what looks like a bit of the chick inside.

VIDEO  20171001 peep hole larger Diamond beaks it

Hello, world

Once chick emerges, I’ll put up a video and start a new thread with it.   Fingers crossed, all goods smoothly.

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  1. Oh no .. someone will have caught it .. just before 7:04pm Diamond returns with some scrap (from the wind break) and I think Xavier was a little relieved, he didn’t really know how to sit on it!! Bub’s getting first meal.

    Diamond tries to store it in corner without much success .. takes off to larder in far trees with it but returns again seconds later with food.


  2. My comment is awaiting moderation but here’s a closeup

  3. It looks like we’ll certainly get another tonight! Maybe it’s like waiting for a bus…..you wait and wait, then three turn up at once!

    First chick looks fine, with some wriggling happening, which is a relief.

  4. Just realised I can do this .. so here’s a snapshot grid of the most recent ones .. it goes from newest to oldest. (I’m off to dine now)

    (Copy & Paste)


  5. What on earth did we just see? My feed was very jumpy (sudden jump in traffic, I bet). Xavier not knowing what to do with the fluffy thing; Somebody eating something; a fluffy thing rolling round on the floor…someone sitting on the fluffy thing. At any time did the fluffy thing get any food? How soon after hatching are they usually fed?

  6. Sue, yes Xavier took off somewhere after Diamond turned up and Diamond fed it. The awkward trying to sit on something was Xavier. Was only about 4 minutes while Diamond ran off to grab some food.

  7. Last year was rather abnormal as we lost our lovely male just before hatching. The first chick was hatched at 0240 h on 4/10 , and the second at 0700 h on the same day. Bear in mind she had no provider until 7/10, but she fed the two chicks for the first time after hunting herself on 4/10 at 1516 h. And all was fine. It’s dark now now here, so I don’t expect any feeding before dawn.

  8. Congratulations to all involved and interested. Lovely to welcome new life once more.
    Newly hatched chicks do not need food right away. They have the yoke “sucked up” right before hatching and that can provide for the first hours, up to a day.
    36 days from first egg to first hatch, exactly the same as last year.

  9. Finally caught up with the day’s events. Prey today included a rosella, I think (hints of blue, now stashed in the corner). I didn’t observe any chick feeding, but Diamond fed herself for a bit.

    Going home, how at 2045, chick and two eggs safely tucked up for the night, but will put up a video of new life in new thread before I go.

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