Feeding gets going

Omelette (for want of a better name) has had three good feeds today, one between 6 and 7 am, lunch at noon and afternoon tea just now.

VIDEO   20171002 1st feed 1st chick short  

VIDEO  20171002 2nd feed in colour

Mostly starling, but another unidentified.   Xavier seems a bit erratic with his food bringing, clearly sometimes allowing Diamond to fetch from a stash outside.  But he was the same last year and they muddle through okay.

And he has begun to brood the chicks, albeit for only short times.

We had an interesting visitor today – a Nankeen Kestrel, who landed briefly on the ledge outside the box, but took off quickly.  Diamond raised her head, and gave the kestrel a Julie Bishop (our foreign minister) death stare, but otherwise wasn’t bothered.

Nice hollow….perhaps not!

VIDEO   20171002 AK almost visits


Touch wood no. two hatches tonight.

One thought

  1. Lovely kestrel video, thank you Cilla 🙂

    DEBORAH, I think I was watching when Diamond was ‘screaming’ but was in zombieland trying to do a video of the ‘Di eating in box then feeding chick’ episode, I had given up and then made a mess of a slide-show, fell asleep.

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