New thread for new life, we hope

Still no sign of chicks, but I have to go home now,  so I guess you’ll beat me to it as I probably won’t be in work until Sunday or Monday (the uni is closed Monday for public holiday, but I’ll probably be around). I have to organise a landcare event tomorrow, Saturday, which means clearing out my garage for starters.  (yuk).    I can post messages from home, but can’t add photos or videos.

Here is some interaction over a meagre prey offering.  Male (Xavier) is on your right.

A starling head…well, it will have to do!


So, anyway here is new thread, to avoid getting too cluttered.    Fingers crossed.   She’s fast asleep as I’m writing.

Have a lovely weekend.



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  1. 6:18am Diamond out Xavier in. 3 eggs still. I’m not sure if this view is going to work, my computer seem to have frozen at the vital point in time.

    (copy & paste)

  2. I froze too, Deborah 🙁

    Diamond made as if to receive prey, I thought:

    But froze at this point:

    I gave it a chance to recover spontaneously but by the time I refreshed Xav was already incubating. I didn’t get him at all until then.

    Egg portrait 😉

    The ledge cam froze at exactly 06:17, nothing of the even was recorded.

  3. I forgot to take out https in one of those links but it’s got posted OK. Maybe it’s only if we post more than one that they get blocked, or maybe Scott has white-listed us ???

  4. Xavier just visited, caused a freeze on the way in (that’s right, blame the birds!)… Di kept her head down, he left.

  5. He’s still there, hanging on the window ledge. (His arrival)

  6. Scylla, I haven’t been tempted to try with the h*t*t*p*s infront yet .. I just delete it and the link posts but isn’t hyperlinked.

  7. Oh no it doesn’t, I missed the “awaiting moderation” tucked in there.

    Here are my snaps of Xavier’s last visit (he has now left the ledge) again.

    Nest view:

    Ledge view:

    Xav flies off @ 07:44hr:

  8. Sorry, Deborah, I’m multi-tasking here and didn’t notice your post.

    I’ve never created any FB page besides my own.

    We could call it (as I’ve seen done) “Friends of xxx”

  9. However, I’m already updating here and, and I monitor the cams at Starr Ranch, California – I don’t think I could take on another commitment.

    You could join the RSPB thread, we’re not nationalist 😉

  10. I have so many commitments (including being the western representative for the NSW Nature Conservation Council, president of Central West Environement Counci, up to my ears in landcare, local music scene etc. etc.), that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I do occasionally put pere pictures up on my own FB, but that’s mainly UK cousins etc, not very birdy. This blog is only really busy for three-four months a year.

  11. And I’m currently editing/publishing a conference proceedings on the links between Aboriginal culture, agricultural management and biodiversity management, which is quite an undertaking!

  12. I run a heritage blog and 2 Facebook groups..I don’t mind setting up a private one .. I couldn’t be bothered having to get rid of spam (as happens at the Heritage page)

  13. Which role? The conference (called Biodiversity Dreaming) related specifically to the central west of NSW and the Wiradjuri people. We had 1/3 Aboriginal speakers, 1/3 land managers/farmers and 1/3 environmental management academics. Interesting mix. My talk was on how to optimise design of farm windbreaks for wildlife and I’ve just finished the draft of my paper on this and am waiting referee’s comments.

  14. All of that Cilla, I’m from Wiradjuri land and my cousins are Wiradjuri peoples (we too if family history is to be believed). Whenever I see your name KinRoss I think how Ross was a kin by marriage and a Wiradjuri man .. but lost and no records of him after his wife (my dad’s Aunty died).

  15. Just putting clocks forward to 1222 am for daylight saving, and still three eggs and just witnessed a very atypical inhouse poo. Diamond appeared almost disoriented, trying to reverse up to the ledge, but then losing direction. She’s normally so clean, even leaving the box in the night.

    Now she’s gone back to sleep, so I will too.

  16. Oh! I’ve come here to post a fancy snap of the “in-house poo” only to see it already noted 🙂

  17. I’m in Brisbane, but my alarm clock still thinks it’s in Sydney! Oh well .. what to do when everyone else is a sleep. GET UP Di!

  18. About 4 minutes later (my screen kept freezing) Diamond’s turned back up and now it’s Xavier’s turn not wanting to move. Cept Diamond’s a big girl so she literally pushes him off and sends Xavier scurrying off.

  19. Good morning, Deborah, thanks for snap and comments despite your rude awakening 😀

    I have loads of frozen footage :'( Xavier must have popped in before 06:00hr but I can find no trace of him. I’ve been trying to do a video but can’t complete it, so here are some snaps of Xavier.

    Arrival just before 6 =

    Pretty boy with distant missiz:

    Dismissed in colour:

  20. Xavier came in (empty-handed? I didn’t see the ledge cam) to relieve Diamond at 0818 and there are still three eggs, but one clearly has a small white lump/mark on the side. I have a commitment this morning, but will go into work this afternoon for a while to do some catch-up.

  21. Good morning, Cilla 🙂 Xavier didn’t bring any food:

    I did a close-up video of the eggs, there was one wobble but otherwise they’re still.

    21s VIDEO =

  22. Nooo .. 9:29 Xavier is screaming and then Diamond turns up, my feed suddenly caught up with almost real time and in a blink of an eye Xavier is off and Diamond is on. Did anyone catch an egg update?

  23. Xavier was just in and out in 20 seconds – he had a quick peek (ledge view only), that’s all.

  24. ONE is almost HERE!! My screen clipper doesn’t seem to work now .. unless this works for you .. but there is a serious almost half pipped egg at about 1:49PM

  25. About 1:54pm she’s trying to help the chick out of the shell. I don’t know why my screen clip won’t work any longer Gah

  26. Good morning – I’ve just woken up and revived my gear and found a perrilet, yippeeee!

    I wonder if there’s any video not frozen out?

    Gosh, the half-eggshell has been there for quite a while, I’ll see ya later after my researches.

    Congratulations to Cilla!

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