Signs of impatience

This is the picture of the eggs showing a small hole (in far egg).  It might be rather difficult to see at this scale (and it might be just a trick of the light, or my fertile imagination).  This was yesterday afternoon, which made me assume hatching would happen last night, but I was wrong.   Serious incubation started on 28th August, so hatching should be 26 Sept – 1 October.


As Deborah pointed out last night, Diamond is showing signs of impatience for her chicks to hatch. treating the eggs like skittles.   Last night the average time spent turning, stretching and egg rolling was 6.5 minutes (it’s usually about 1.5).   So pretty restless, although it was quite a warm night last night (and some light rain).    Here she is apparently trying to initiate some action.

Time to face the world!

VIDEO 20170927 D impatient

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  1. That dang wasp is back this afternoon!

    (C&P into browser address bar.)

    Time to get some sleep here, see ya later 🙂

  2. Cams back up @ about midnight, phew!

    Everything I post is according to the cams at my London end – for all I know, others’ cams could keep running smoothly while mine are frozen.

    Last changeover, no nest view, hopefully Cilla has nice shots of the eggs 🙂

    1m VIDEO =

    Last technicolor view of (2) eggs:

    Last glimpse of 3 eggs:

    Last glimpse of any eggs 😉

    (All those “last” this ‘n thats are now irrelevant, as we have the cams back up, hooray!)

  3. No decent sightings of eggs up to this point. Have not seen all 3 at the same time since the above snap.

    Lots of long freezes – I’m not complaining! … merely pointing out that my reports are not 100% reliable, try as I may 😉

  4. Scylla, I just saw the eggs

    If this words … still 3 eggs.


  5. Thanks to Xavier getting up early…

    Three rich-looking eggs, you would choose them for breakfast 😉

  6. That ^^^ should have said “Thanks to Diamond…” – I’ve got a changeover missing and took it for granted that Xav had been on the eggs.

    Here’s a cropped video of the 3 eggs to keep you going while I try to find what I’ve missed.

    56s VIDEO =
    Hi Deborah! Just seen you up there 😉 What a muddle I’m in :-/

  7. There was a changeover between 05:11 and 05:16 – these two snaps are exactly the same size but the birds are not. Right???

    So my video “First changeover of the day” should be “Second…”.

    I did think that Xavier looked rather big. That was a hard lesson – “make haste slowly”.

  8. If you would like to see the actual sequence of events this morning reported in the right order, please see my edited post in RSPB FCP thread:

  9. 8.51:40 .. a sneak peep … 3 eggs still.

    I’m in Brisbane now .. lucky I have a half hour before everyone is back lol

  10. Hope you manage to get more sneak peeps, Deborah! 🙂

    This was Diamond returning from a long break @ 09:25hr – routine.

    50s VIDEO =

  11. That 09:25 return was following Xavier taking over @ 06:35-ish. His arrival then on the ledge cam was marked only by a disturbance in the gravel – he could have brought a meal, but on the nest view Diamond half-returned before leaving, would she have done that if he’d passed over prey?

    I expect Cilla has everything as clear as day 🙂

  12. A bit bigger than the other couple I’ve seen 🙂

    1m07s VIDEO =

    Maybe Cilla can recognise the prey from these shots, but… 😉

  13. Just to comment that, although we have had our share of problems with the Milestone software, it’s working perfectly at the moment, with sound, and I’m not affected by the live streaming freezes.

    And yes it was a starling, mainly the head which they don’t usually eat unless really hungry, so not much nutrition there. And this was first prey today. As I write, Diamond has been absent 3.5 hours, so is presumably doing some self-service.

    Eggs still intact (3.15 pm).

  14. In all seriousness though at 5:51 X turns up for duty saying “Get Up! Get UP” and D said “Go away!” so he did

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