Streaming headaches

Apologies to all for the problems we’ve faced with the streaming server. After some extensive testing and adjustment it appears it’s being held ransom by a couple of issues. One is the load on the server at the moment; it’s enormous and occasionally hangs or stops the server app (i.e. the software) completely. Most of the time the auto-restart of the streaming app every 60 mins fixes the problem, but sometimes the server computer (i.e. the hardware) itself may hit a snag too; it’s currently set to reboot itself every 12 hours but we can adjust as necessary. The actual server computer itself, along with the Windows 7 image on top of it, is part of the Charles Sturt University network & policies, and this can cause us headaches as over time minor elements such as security & corporate policy changes can make hidden adjustments to the running of the computer itself, without us ever knowing. For instance it appears that the streaming server system policy had quietly changed a week or three back to turn the hard drives off after 30 minutes of no activity. Which means our streams just stopped, and the computer hibernated!! Problem solved at midnight Sunday when the setting was discovered and a new power policy was implemented to “never” turn any hardware off, and increase the performance to “maximum”. It’s hoped that we’ll be able to administer our own system policy on the server shortly.

We spent a couple of years trying to automate all our processes so we didn’t need to be on-site for every action. Over a long period of time now, and in general, that automation has been spectacularly successful, For example, common campus power outages are overcome by auto-rebooting all our hardware (switches, cameras, servers etc) once power returns. Touch-wood these custom tweaks will continue to give us good up-time in the future. But in peak viewing season (right now!) our older equipment is under huge strain. We have plans in place to upgrade hardware and software but it will take time to test/purchase improvements, along with required additional funding (of which we’d like to warmly thank our recent supporters for their extremely generous donations, which go a long way to our objectives; many thanks!).

We’re also looking at some upgrades to website features, such as implementing a true discussion forum soon to allow viewers and supporters to discuss points without resorting to the less friendly  comments system!

Bear with us – it’s on the improve, and especially right now while we await the hopeful hatchings of three healthy new bobble-heads!

Scott (FalconCam Project)

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  1. That works for me, Deborah 🙂 Thank you, lovely snap!


    Thank you for all that info, Scott, my head has just stopped spinning – what a lot you have to contend with, so many layers of ‘interference’.

    I know that whatever can be done about the streaming problems will be done

    I’m still ploughing thru yesterday’s footage but keep getting sidetracked by real life :-/ Very excited about impending scrape developments.

  2. OMG .. me too! Stupidest bee in the world got between the 2 panes of glass & couldn’t work out how to get out. I’m not even sure it’s out now!!

    BUT on a more important note, I’ve been watching in half hour blocks on and off today. I’ve not seen Diamond eat over the last 24 hours. I’m sure she must have when I wasn’t watching. Can someone give any updates on Xavier visits?

  3. The last sightings I had of eggs, Deborah, was when Diamond was fleeing the wasp.

    Two snaps here, hoping the eggs are at different angles in each:
    I’m covering some other cams as well, so can’t have my eye on this one all the time – also, that video from yesterday took me all blinking day, hundreds of mini-freezes to clip out – hopefully it’s been better today.

    Need to sleep now – keep up the good work, Deborah, and I’ll check whatever you report if poss 🙂

    (D is just turning the eggs, can’t see them but I can see the white fluff from her undercarriage 😉 )

  4. Yeah guess I was just too hopeful. I’m off to the airport now to see a friend off. So I’ll miss the next few hours. But your egg shot seems to show no real signs.. maybe we’re still a few days away. Hmmm … hurry up chicks, I’ve got to go to Brisbane and I won’t have good internet. hee hee

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