Both cams gone now

We have a major technical hitch, unfortunately.  Scott is working on it, but I don’t know when we will get recording back up again as there doesn’t appear to be a simple solution.  So keep your photos and comments coming, if it is not too much trouble.   I have to admit that I’m not sure at this stage how useful they will be.  When it was just the ledge cam out, it was wonderful as your photos confirmed my assumptions, but now with both out, it will be very patchy as I record the duration of all  behaviour of both birds in minutes (and half minutes), not just when things happen.    Happy for suggestions for new solutions.  I believe there is a program that records screen shots every few minutes or similar, which I’ll look into.

Chicks are due to hatch 25-28th September……so not that long, now.

Thanks so much for all your help.






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  1. I should add that, even if I had the time, I don’t have access to the live webcams either (which I’m assuming are working okay), so am quite blind to the behaviour in the nest. In theory, I could record comings and goings in the field, but just don’t have time. as this would mean sitting outside 24/7!

  2. A couple of vids recorded from ledge cam today … first one is my vid with Scylla’s great captures from nest cam of same incident from both views …
    Second one is compilation of happenings on ledge cam 20th Sep …
    Hope these help you to keep in touch Cilla although am sure there was much missed during freezes, jumps & outages!

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