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The ledge camera still seems to be working live, but I’m not getting any recordings, so I have a favour to ask.   If you have any sightings of either bird sitting on the LEDGE between  0400 h on 16th September till now (well, until we can get it fixed), I would very much appreciate it.   Most of the important data are still being captured fine by the nest camera, but as Xavier often sits on the ledge while Diamond is incubating, I’m missing these data unless I can see his tail.   If I can get spot sightings, I can probably be safe making assumptions about his presence/absence.

I was getting a bit worried about the lack of food prey coming in, but clearly Xavier is a modern peregrine, which thinks the female should do her share of hunting!   She sometimes comes back from quite long absences with blood on claws, pretty good evidence of hunting (although the off site stash is still an option).   She clearly was not that hungry on the 15th as she lay next to a stashed starling for some time, as did Xavier – see photo. Most prey has been starling or pigeon and X still seems to think that the eggs can eat the prey.  That bodes well for him sharing feeding duties when the chicks emerge.

I’ve noticed that Xavier also spends quite a bit of time relaxing on the ledge, while Diamond is incubating (but not the other way around).  This behaviour is peculiar to this pair.   And he also is spending considerable time incubating and is quite comfortable doing this.   Certainly neither Bula or Beau, our two previous boys, were that competent in that department – often being quite clumsy and wanting to quit soon after settling.  And the previous female, Swift did not do any hunting to my knowledge once eggs has been lain until much later.  She had short breaks and chased the boys out as soon as possible (that’s if there were still there!).    Mind you, she was an old girl and in her later years spent much time sleeping in the box, even in the day time.

Cheers  Cilla


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  1. Sept 19 @ 9 am
    Di stands in the window for awhile after Xav takes egg duty –
    or .. is that Xavier standing there?
    I saw falcon fly in and walk to eggs, then one walked slowly out to the window and stood there

    I will put pics on the RRP blog.
    I didnt seem able to email them to Cilla
    I FINALLY just now got your blog again – I hope that continues.

    Since I eggspect hatch around Oct 1 I am sure both hear / feel their young inside the eggs. At this point many females will put one egg out if there is no life.

    I am sure Xav has a stash – or soon will.
    Often the day of the first hatch, the male will bring prey to the nest box. That is so exciting! He knows. Most females dont want prey in the box yet, which draws flies.

    How I wish you had sound!
    Sometimes close to hatch we can hear the eggs!

  2. I had no internet for 3 days, and haven’t spotted X at all since it was resuscitated last night. Have been wondering whether there was a connection between high-profile, often-present X and the human activity during the night-light replacement period? A bit of extra protectiveness at a time of unusual disturbances? Or has this lovely ‘togetherness’ been going on since before the disturbances began? It’s been lovely to see X & D together in the box so much, but it seemed a lonely old place today (or perhaps I was just around at the wrong times?)

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