Night light is in

The new infrared illuminator went in this afternoon. It was fairly straightfoward, although Diamond was put out with the disturbance. She came back after about 10 minutes though. The old illuminator had 12 LEDs but this new unit has 48 so we’re hoping it’s not going to be too bright. Darkness will tell, shortly now as I write. If it’s too bright we may be able to cover part of the illuminator to cut it down. Time will tell but this should give us overnight coverage again.

New IR illuminator
New IR illuminator

[ IR illuminator works! That’s good quality night vision but we might try to cover a few LEDs to cut the light down a little… Scott ]

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  1. That must have been a very long 10 minute wait for you, Scott! Very, very relieved everything went smoothly, especially for our gorgeous pair.

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