Birds keeping close, interacting and scraping

Over the last week, I’ve noticed a distinct decrease in the time that the box is empty and the birds are changing places much more regularly, with a lot of courtship behaviour (alas, no copulation, but I’m assuming this has already taken place elsewhere).

Some prey is being brought (mostly starlings, I think, with the occasional pigeon), and Xavier is still reluctant to give up his prey, but usually does with some arm twisting.

Both birds have been busy preparing the scrapes, which are now really deep.

Xavier does his bit

VIDEO  20170809 X digs in


And then Diamond tries it out for size:

20170810 D checks scrape for fit

And the good news is that I now have direct access to this site again, so will be able to provide more regular updates once we get busy with produce!


Cheers  Cilla

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