A quiet moment

It’s been SO busy this week, with the box hardly empty for more than a few minutes.  Prey being brought in regularly (mainly starlings, but with a couple of noisy miners and an unlucky eastern rosella) even today with horrible sleet, rain and strong winds, and mostly being handed over quietly, so a noticeable improvement in manners.

Lots of interaction also, at least frequent, but not long-lasting.  Quite a bit of scrape ‘preparation’, although little left to do unless they want to make a hole in the floor!  But a lot of just sitting quietly in the scrape…and here is a sample of Diamond, just a few minutes ago.

VIDEO:  Diamond in one of her scrapes: 20170818 D in scrape

Diamond relaxing in her scrape

Cheers  Cilla

PS Thanks to Sue for sending in the data spreadsheets.  I’ll get to it Sunday or next week.  Had it this week!

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  1. Is there a problem with the “night light?” Everything seemed fine last night (Saturday), but tonight it doesn’t appear to be switching on.

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