A new male in our box

I’m pretty sure this male is not Xavier who was sheltering in the box during a violent thunderstorm this afternoon.  Facial/neck markings show a distinct streak.  Tail seems broader.   Also behaviour was odd:  much looking up and around the box as if it was a first visit.  What do you think?

Streaky male sheltering from thunderstorm


A minute or two later…..same bird….

I’ll see if I can get the videos loaded… as behaviour is much more obviously odd in the videos…at one time he was literally climbing the walls!

Good night  Cilla

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  1. Cilla, I think Xavier is still there. He was easy to recognize, having a white spot on top of his left wing. I see this mark in both last videos.




  2. Ooh, poor thing! That’s exactly the way I react to lightning!!! *Run, hide!!!* I wonder whether the ‘nervous’ behaviour is more a reaction to the lightning than exploring new surroundings?

    PS This morning (Wednesday) I can’t get anything at all on the webcams – have the storms wreaked further havoc? I turned everything off at about 8.30ish last night, and Diamond was looking pretty grim and droopy. Hope things look less grim today.

  3. Comment from Bev on the BCAW forum:

    Xavier was just frightened by the thunder and storm. It scared the heck out of me.

    I have been watching a lot and he is there. they look quite different when soaked

    here are rough video of takeoffs and returns by diamond and Xavier

    Diamond is fine( sorry it took so long to post these)

    this video is edited to show flights off and in ( turn off sound) had other cams open)

    first flight off is Diamond in this one

  4. Still wondering about those disturbed feathers above D’s left eye – surely a simple case of ‘messy feathers’ would have been righted by now?

  5. Currently there is a strange situation, they are both sleeping in the nestbox.
    Xavier on the ledge, Diamond in a corner.

    18:54 Xavier on the ledge.
    18:55 Diamond arrives, she has a problem with the landing.
    18:55 Xavier to the ledge, he doesn’t leave!
    They are both in the nestbox for some hours, very strange.

    18:55 Xavier & Diamond, youtu.be/UjjemFrSadA

  6. Yay! So good to be able to read the blog again (thanks, Scott, for whatever magic you worked!)

    Is Diamond still having problems with the left wing? It seems to slide/droop a lot before she twitches it (quite frequently) back into position. Also – hasn’t the “Scarface” look made her easily recognisable!

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