A lame Diamond, as autumn sets in

The eyrie may have been quiet for a month or two now but Cilla’s still working her way through the surveillance footage in attempts to identify badly reconstituted peregrine meals, and possible intruders.The down time is giving everyone a breather but, hopefully, those 3 youngsters have learnt enough hunting skills that they can go on their way, confident of feeding in their own territories.

Today one of our long time supporters picked up a possible issue with Diamond’s left wing. She appears to be favouring it, and at this stage we can’t tell if she’s injured or broken it but I doubt she’d be able to fly with a broken wing, so we’re hoping for the best. Thanks Kathy, well spotted, and thanks for letting us know!!

The colder weather has finally begun to take effect in Orange, after what’s been a severe and record-breaking summer of high temperatures around New South Wales, but this cooler change will be suiting the peregrines (and their flying food supply larder).

Video clip 16 March 2017) – late evening arrival by an injured Diamond …

Video clip (13 March 2017) – Diamond ousts an unidentified peregrine from the ledge …


peregrine eyrie
Diamond holding her left wing


peregrine eyrie damaged left wing
Diamond’s injured left wing

4 thoughts

  1. So good to see an update (thanks Scott!) but that wing does look painful. Hope it sorts itself out quickly and doesn’t affect Diamond’s ability to raid the local supply of fresh food!

  2. That wing still looks dreadful (Sunday night). I hope she’s managed to get something to eat. Yesterday I noticed her picking at the tiniest little scrap on the gravel. I guess it’s a good sign that she’s able to get to and from the box – wonder how well she’s managing to fly and hunt. Also, wondering whether Xavier is helping. Cilla, do you know how much interaction paired falcons usually have outside the nest, particularly in the ‘off season’?

  3. It’s heartbreaking to watch! Just having a look tonight (Monday, 8.pm-ish). As Diamond relaxes and the wing droops, she seems to almost overbalance. Also, is there a facial injury? The feathers above and just to the left of her beak (i.e., same side as the injured wing) look all disturbed. Is she just having a ‘bad hair’ day or is there an injury there? Poor Diamond… I noticed Xavier was in the box when D arrived. Hoping he’s making sure she gets fed if she’s having difficulty hunting for herself.

  4. I was wondering too whether there was a facial injury. I took some close up shots, which clearly indicate some displaced feathers at least. Sorry, can’t load them still.

    I don’t know whether Xavier has helped Diamond or not, but he did bring some prey into the box the other day as if he understood she needed help – unfortunately, she left just prior to his arrival and had a hungry night.

    The bad news is that the wing still looks displaced and in need of strapping and rest (not possible, of course, unless she is found on the ground), but the good news is that over the weekend, she arrived licking blood off her feet, so must have eaten – either through her own efforts, or helped by Xavier.

    And we do know that she is a survivor. She went three days with nothing to eat when Bula died/disappeared just before the first egg hatching, without obvious side effects.

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